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commit f9ab1f52fe8d6500a03118560570daff4d41371e
parent 8a155059c6bcf355fa86d5916ae14ae4d66d4b7a
Author: Larry Hynes <larry@larryhynes.com>
Date:   Sat,  1 Jul 2017 13:19:28 +0100

Changes to mdirs.1

- 'line by line' -> 'one per line'
- Insert 'formats'
- Simplify explanation of what mdirs considers a Maildir

man/mdirs.1 | 11++++++-----
1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/man/mdirs.1 b/man/mdirs.1 @@ -3,23 +3,24 @@ .Os .Sh NAME .Nm mdirs -.Nd list Maildir, recursively +.Nd list Maildir folders, recursively .Sh SYNOPSIS .Nm .Ar dirs\ ... .Sh DESCRIPTION .Nm -scans the given directories for Maildir folders and prints them line by line. -It understands Maildir and Maildir++. +scans the given directories for Maildir folders and prints them, +one per line. +It understands Maildir and Maildir++ formats. .Pp There are currently no options. .Pp To .Nm , a Maildir folder is a directory containing -a directory +the directories .Pa cur -and a directory +and .Pa new . By the Maildir++ convention, nested Maildir folders need to start with