Unix utilities to deal with Maildir - my mirror
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commit 4d63b6fd8e1233b437a334fd97d29216e0ce0fd2
parent d71a1fbe44093debc05d60d56ac26ef2c63aff15
Author: Christian Neukirchen <chneukirchen@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue, 23 Aug 2016 17:33:55 +0200

Makefile: use static rule, simplify

(The Makefile worked with GNU make only anyway...)

Makefile | 28+++++++++-------------------
1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -10,25 +10,15 @@ SCRIPT = mcolor mcom mless mquote all: $(ALL) -maddr: maddr.o blaze822.o seq.o rfc2047.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -magrep: magrep.o blaze822.o seq.o rfc2045.o rfc2047.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mdate: mdate.o -mdeliver: mdeliver.o blaze822.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mdirs: mdirs.o -mexport: mexport.c blaze822.o seq.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mflag: mflag.o blaze822.o seq.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mgenmid: mgenmid.o blaze822.o seq.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mhdr: mhdr.o blaze822.o seq.o rfc2047.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -minc: minc.o -mlist: mlist.o -mmime: mmime.o -mpick: mpick.o blaze822.o seq.o rfc2047.c mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mscan: mscan.o blaze822.o seq.o rfc2047.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -msed: msed.o blaze822.o seq.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mseq: mseq.o seq.o -mshow: mshow.o blaze822.o seq.o rfc2045.o rfc2047.c mymemmem.o filter.o mytimegm.o -msort: msort.o blaze822.o seq.o mystrverscmp.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o -mthread: mthread.o blaze822.o seq.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o +$(ALL) : % : %.o +maddr magrep mdeliver mexport mflag mgenmid mhdr mpick mscan msed mshow \ + msort mthread : blaze822.o mymemmem.o mytimegm.o +maddr magrep mexport mflag mgenmid mhdr mpick mscan msed mseq mshow msort \ + mthread : seq.o +maddr magrep mhdr mpick mscan mshow : rfc2047.o +magrep mshow : rfc2045.o +mshow : filter.o +msort : mystrverscmp.o README: man/mblaze.7 mandoc -Tutf8 $< | col -bx >$@