NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
dev9plan9 devices in POSIX user space Duncaen2017-11-07 04:40
dotfilesconfiguration files Duncaen2017-10-20 02:12
dvtmdynamic virtual terminal manager - with my changes Duncaen2017-06-17 09:25
dwmdynamic window manager - with my changes Duncaen2017-06-17 08:24
lobaseLinux port of OpenBSDs userland. Duncaen2017-06-15 22:32
mblazeUnix utilities to deal with Maildir - my mirror Duncaen2017-07-29 18:43
opendoasA portable version of the OpenBSD `doas` command Duncaen2016-09-06 00:58
playgroundSandbox, container or whatever utilities for linux. Duncaen2017-02-21 03:32
stsuckless terminal - with my changes Duncaen2017-10-23 01:11
stagitstatic git page generator - with my changes Duncaen2017-10-20 02:42